Hello there!

I’m Liyana, a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator sharing my love for art and design through Lookeesan Designs.

Before Lookeesan Designs, I was on what some would call the “Conventional” route despite my interest in the arts. However, I never felt like a good fit in the corporate world and found solace in creating crafts and digital designs in my free time.

About Lookeesan Designs

The name ‘Lookeesan’ combines the two things that I love. It is derived from the Malay word ‘lukisan’  which means drawing. It also incorporates my affection for the Japanese culture.

As a graphic designer, I have helped small businesses and solopreneurs like myself with their visual branding and marketing efforts. I design custom event stationery and prints, which can be purchased via our online shop.

Through Lookeesan Designs, I also hope to provide a safe space for focused and personalised learning of graphic design and digital skills. I currently conduct Adobe Illustrator workshops for beginners. There are plans to conduct more digital design skills workshops in the near future.