Our Top 5 Favourite Free Canva Fonts

Once upon a time, I could instantly tell whenever someone used Canva to design because Canva fonts were way limited back then.

But now… Well, now it’s a different story altogether. Canva has *sooo* many FREE fonts now that you end up getting choice paralysis 😵 instead.


Here are my 5 most favourite *FREE* Canva fonts. And to help you find the best designer-quality fonts on Canva, I’m compiling a free downloadable 🗒️ list of them so you can pick and choose the ones that fit your design needs the most easily! Learn how you can get the list at the end of this post!

Montserrat Extra Bold

canva free font montserrat


Playfair Display



Want the whole complete list of our favourite free Canva fonts? Get it below!

Canva font guide lookeesan

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