(Private) 1-Day Adobe Illustrator Workshop

Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer, business owner or seeking to learn a quick new skill in design in just one day, our 1-Day Adobe Illustrator workshop is perfect for beginners like you!

Our private workshop caters to those who prefer to learn one-to-one or in a small group with friends of up to 3 pax.

If you prefer to make new friends and learn in a group, come join our public workshop HERE!

(2-3 PAX)

$198 / PAX



To sign up for a private session, click on the button below and select on any available time slots. It’s that easy.


About the Workshop

Adobe Illustrator is the software that we use to design literally almost everything for both our and our clients’ businesses and custom design orders. It is the industry-standard software application for anyone who wants to work with vector graphics.

You can use it to design everything from print products, such as name cards and posters to web graphics, like social media templates and banners. It’s also the one software you should always use to design a logo.

This 5-hour private fully hands-on practice-oriented session will cover all the essential tools of Illustrator that you will require to make your design in a single day! All learners will be provided with a set of handouts together with a list of our favourite graphic design resources that will make it even easier to create their own beautiful collateral.

By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to use the essential tools of Illustrator and design their own name cards, posters or web graphics (or anything they fancy, actually). Upon completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion from Lookeesan Designs.

Who should attend?

  • Busy individuals keen to learn and use Adobe Illustrator to create high quality prints or vectors in one day
  • Graphic designers and print collaterals designers
  • Business owners and working professionals who want to add visual impact to their marketing collateral
  • Anybody keen to learn a new skill at their own pace in a private setting

What’s Covered

Introducing Adobe Illustrator

  • Workspace
  • Document Setup
  • Artboards & Layers

Shapes and Colours

  • Colours, Fills and Strokes
  • Patterns
  • Drawing with the Pen and Brush Tool
  • Custom Shapes

Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator

  • Placing Images into Illustrator
  • Using Image Trace


  • Basic Typography Guidelines
  • Downloading & Installing Fonts
  • Working with the Type Tool
  • Converting Text to Path


  • Preparing files for output
  • Printing & Exporting

Additional Info

Learners are required to use their own laptops with Adobe Illustrator pre-installed.

Adobe Illustrator is a paid software so learners will need to purchase a subscription from Adobe. They can purchase it from as low as $26 a month.

For those who would like to practise before deciding to purchase the subscription, you may download the 7-day FREE trial available on the Adobe website

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

I appreciated that Liyana was okay to teach a home-based working mom with an infant in tow.

It is rare for anyone or any classes that allow an infant to be present. The workshop was personalised and I loved the notes and teaching.

Nadzirah / Budinadia
illustrator private workshop review
The workshop exceeded my expectations.

Liyana openly shares her knowledge which is something I really appreciated. The handouts were sufficient and the pace was just nice. I learnt a lot of new things.

adobe illustrator workshop private
Liyana was not stingy in her wealth of knowledge.

She was more than willing to share things beyond the scope of the class. I especially liked all the hacks and tips for an effective design work flow.

Filzah / TudungPeopleSG
adobe illustrator private workshop
I now realise that Adobe Illustrator is not as intimidating as I thought it would be.

It’s also because of Liyana’s very candid and approachable way of introducing this tool, especially for a first timer like me! (:

illustrator private workshop
Wow! An awesome teacher!

Thank you so much Liyana for coaching us step by step and making sure we tried it out correctly. Thank you for being so accommodating, considering my issue on my 8 month old baby! Love her for that!

adobe illustrator private workshop
It’s honestly the best way to learn a new skill!

The lesson taught me a lot of hidden features within Illustrator that I didn’t know about. It’s great that it’s completely hands-on and everything was very useful and easy to learn and remember. I enjoyed the fact that there’s an “assignment” and that any questions I have while doing the assignment could be corrected or taught immediately which is definitely beneficial.