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Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Lookeesan Designs

Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer, business owner or seeking to pick up a new skill in design, our Adobe Illustrator workshop is perfect for beginners like you!

First up, what is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is the software that I use to design literally almost everything for both mine and my clients’ businesses and custom design orders. It is the industry-standard software application for anyone who wants to work with vector graphics.

You can use it to design everything from print products, such as name cards and posters to web graphics, like social media templates and banners. It’s also the one software you should always use to design a logo.

So, really, it does it all!

However, it comes with a staggering number of tools and I’ve been told plenty of times that it gets quite intimidating just by looking at the workspace itself. Watching YouTube tutorials don’t really help because it lacks the hand-holding guidance you sometimes need when things get a *little* too complicated. And so, that’s where I come in!

About the Adobe Illustrator Workshop

In our 5-hour one day workshop, I will take you through the very basics of Adobe Illustrator and ensure that you leave the session equipped with a thorough understanding of the tools and graphic design tips needed to create your masterpiece.

This fully hands-on practice-oriented session will cover all the essential tools of Illustrator that you will require to make your design (ie Pen tool, Making Patterns, Basics of Typography 101). These tools and functions are the ones I frequently use and will be neatly compiled in a set of handouts that will be provided for you.

Towards the end of the session, my #lookeeworkshop learners will be able to design their own name cards, notebooks, flyers or anything they fancy, really.

I will also share my favourite graphic design resource to make it even easier to create your very own beautiful collateral.

Oh and did I mention that it’s a Private One-to-One workshop?

Yes it is! I believe that the best way to learn is through one-to-one lessons, where you get to learn at your own pace And you get the instructor’s (that’s yours truly, me, Liyana) fullest attention and support throughout the entire course. Double Win!

I also want to be your Graphic Designer buddy for life. I’m always a text away even after the workshop if you need any assistance with the software.

If you’ve got a friend who wants to learn AI as well, you can bring them along too because we can have a small group session of up to 3 pax.

Here’s what some of our past learners have to say!

illustrator private workshop

Anyone can design and produce anything through Illustrator, even an art newbie like me!

I managed to learn a lot of the useful tools through the various creative exercises. I was able to design a birthday card after the


The workshop exceeded my expectations.

Liyana openly shares her
knowledge which is something I really appreciated. The handouts were sufficient and the pace was just nice. I learned a lot of new things. 🙂

adobe illustrator pvt workshop

I now realise that Adobe Illustrator is not as intimidating as I thought it would be

It’s also because of Liyana’s very candid and approachable way of introducing this tool, especially for a first timer like me! (:


Thank you for sharing your
knowledge – it’s like water to a thirsty person 🙂

The personal workshop was very personalised to my needs. I would definitely recommend budding startup entrepreneurs to join.

illustrator private workshop

It’s honestly the best way to learn any new skill.

The lesson taught me a lot of hidden features within Illustrator that I didn’t know about. It’s great that it’s completely hands-on and everything was very useful and easy to learn and remember.

private workshop review 1

I couldn’t ask for a better mentor on Illustrator!

I discovered how useful Adobe Illustrator is for work purposes.It was a closed and intimate workshop and I got to learn at my own pace.


A few things to note…

Learners are required to use their own laptops with Adobe Illustrator installed.

Adobe Illustrator is a paid software, so you will need to purchase a subscription from Adobe. However, you can purchase it from as low as $26 a month though – still WAY cheaper than hiring a graphic designer.

Also, for those who have yet to download the software before, there is a 7-day FREE trial available on the Adobe website which you can use for our session!

So how much do you have to invest for this Personal Workshop with lifetime Adobe Illustrator support?

Not only do you get all these above-mentioned benefits in our intimate workshop, we’ve also priced our Adobe Illustrator workshop competitively so you get a whole lot of bang for your buck!

Time and Venue at Learner's Convenience
Time and Venue at Learner's Convenience

Ready to learn the tips and tricks of Adobe Illustrator and create your own designs?

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